Paper Boy

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This was really brilliant.

This was really brilliant. Not being an artist myself, I can't imagine how something like this is done but I found it to be like a mini horror film or bad dream. I am in awe of people with that much talent. Loved the music too--I LOVE jazz.

So creative!

So creative!

LIked It!

Liked the concept, pacing and choice of music.

Great use of lighting and

Great use of lighting and sound



As a parent I've seen huge

As a parent I've seen huge paper projects and this is a funny enjoyable take on what could happen when those projects go awry creative and creative and innovative.

paper boy

really clever, can't believe that was all paper. except of course at the end. hope to see more animation like this!

paper boy

Having been a paperboy when i was young this brought hack nightmares...Really cool

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