Paper Boy

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unique and fun and obviously

unique and fun and obviously a lot of work! Great job!

unique and fun and obviously

unique and fun and obviously a lot of work.

Wow! Impressive.

Wow! Impressive.

My 7 year old daughter and I

My 7 year old daughter and I thought that was fabulous and are still wondering how it was done. Terrific!

It was terrific! Hi Henry! <3

It was terrific! Hi Henry!

Paper Boy

I was greatly relieved to find that after a scary journey and scary music, Henry returns safe and sound, unwinding his paper cocoon and arriving home just in time for dinner.

A very creative video with an excellent musical score. Five cheers!

paper boy

This could happen at my house. Music played well to the subject.


Love the neutral colors, dreamy time lighting and epic sound. The wake-up scene at the end of the film shows our protagonist with left-over torn paper remnants still taped to his back. The scene is poignant as the Paperboy's now human profile appears to be sporting torn paper wings. It's a tale of metamorphosis, the chrysalis breaking from its cocoon. With very simple means (really it's just paper) I can't help but feel for the humble Paper Boy as he emerges from his odyssey as an authentic hero. I feel for this Paperboy, identifing with his awkward tripping, tumbling, free falling inside the gravity of the dream. Paperboy longs for change even if he blindly has to tumble into it headfirst. Paperboy propels forward thrusting himself into the thrilling terror to crash through barriers and boundaries. The message of the film is simple and a nice reminder, don't be afraid to hurl oneself into the unknown. It whirls us softly and vigorously. Paperboy in a crumpled up universe, is a timeless, tireless time traveling space launch.

Paper Boy

Very original and entertaining.

Paper Boy

A mysterious, mythical and magical work!

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