Paper Boy

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Incredibly clever--I know a

Incredibly clever--I know a little about animation, and this must have taken a lot longer to make than to view! Looking forward to seeing more work from this artist!

i absolutely found it a great

i absolutely found it a great job of contemporary animation.



Cracking Animation

Ian Klapper, a rather amazingly creative professional, has perhaps one of the most creatively inspired minds on the planet earth. Stunningly original work will always be his trademark!

Paper Boy is an fabulous example of the bigger picture for Ian, whose creative energy and inspiration knows no bounds. Choosing Ian as the winner would be the start of an amazing investment in backing this New Yorker through and through to produce the next chapter in amazing Animated Antics!

Please do award Ian as the winner. No other person in this competition can match his originality and dedication to the creative field... Wait until you meet him in person...think Robin Williams meets Billy Crystal, do Animation...

Ian Klapper! My vote.

Jane Walker British Artist and Designer

I loved the adventures of

I loved the adventures of paper boy. Can not wait to show it to the kids. Thanks

Awesome piece!

Awesome piece!



Very creative.

Very creative. Sychronization between visual and musical was inspiring!

I look forward to more Paper

I look forward to more Paper Boy adventures!

Excelent! Very creative.

Excelent! Very creative. Wonderful....

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