Why did the Museum of Arts and Design create this site
As our curators worked on preparation for the exhibition 'Slash: Paper Under the Knife,' they discovered quite a few artists doing really interesting things with animation and cut paper. We decided to create this site to celebrate and promote the work of artists working in the medium of paper, and to provide a place where the general public can come to view it.

Why should I contribute my videos?
Don't you want to share? Seriously, this is a great place to let the public see your work in conjunction with a major exhibition on cut paper. Also, prizes of $250 and $100 are available to those videos rated best by the public and by a jury of curators and artists. Plus, some of the best videos will be shown to the public in the theater at MAD during the closing weekend of Slash (Mar. 28 and 29).

Why do I have to post my videos to YouTube before I can post them to Moving Paper.
Simply put, streaming video is difficult and expensive to manage, and no one does it better than YouTube. Our ability to rely on YouTube's streaming service is what made it possible for us to make this site.

I posted my video, profile or comment but it hasn't appeared! What's happening?
MAD reviews all submission to make sure that they comply with our guidelines. We try to review as quickly as we can, but sometimes it may take us a little bit of time to review your content.

I made a change to my video, and now it's disappeared. What's up?When you make a change to content, we need to pull the video, profile, or comment from public view momentarily so we can review the changes. Don't worry, it will be back soon.